Arjun Sundaresan (Arjyou)

Social Media Influencer (Youtuber)
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Age : 27
Birthday : Mar 27th 1997
Starsign : Aries
Next birthday in 9 months
Born : Alappuzha
Last updated : Apr 1st 2024

Social media profiles

Arjyou (Main Channel)
Arjyoulive (Gaming)

About Arjun Sundaresan

Arjun Sundaresan aka Arjyou is a youtuber. His main channel is called Arjyou which he started on 10 Aug 2013. The oldest video on his channel is Shaap Diaries (ഷാപ്പ് ഡയറിസ്) in One Minute made published in March 2018.

He has experimented with different kinds of videos over the years but is most famous for his roasting/reaction videos. He rose to fame when his roasting tick-tock videos went viral in May of 2020. Currently, he has over 3.5 million subscribers.

Arjun is passionate about gaming and he has a second channel Arjyoulive where he streams gameplays.


He has a degree in BA Multimedia from St Joseph College of Communication, Changanassery.

Family life

Arjun parents are Sundaresan (CI of Police) and Lasitha (Panchayath Secretary). He has 1 brother Anurag Sundaresan.

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