Boby Chemmanur (boche)

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Age : 62
Birthday : Apr 1st 1962
Starsign : Aries
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Last updated : Dec 31st 2021

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About Boby Chemmanur

Boby Chemmanur (Chemmanur Devasikutty Boby) is the Chairman and Managing Director of Boby Chemmanur International Group which mostly trades in gold. He has an impressive social media following in Kerala and is fondly referred to as Bo-Che by his fans.

He is a genius marketer, he is known for his extraordinary personality. This has turned him into a viral celebrity, any appearance from him on media creates a big buzz, which promotes his business and brand.

He made several headlines over the years like bringing legend Diego Marodana to Kerala to inaugurate his store in 2012.

He is the founder of Life Vision Charitable Trust, which provides financial help to poor people who are in need. In April 2014, he undertook a record-breaking marathon (812 km) from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram for creating the World's largest Blood Bank ( Boby Friends Blood Bank ).

Family life

Boby Chemmanur’s father’s name was Varandarappilly Inashu Devassykutty, His mother’s name was Sicily Devasikutty Thekkekara. Boby is married to Smitha Boby, they have a son together named Anna Bobby.

Fun fact

He owns several luxury cars and he has turned his Golden Rolls Royce Phantom car into a luxury cab.

He paid Rs.500 to get jailed for a day, so he could how jail life is all about.

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