Rimi Tomy

TV Personality
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Age : 40
Birthday : Sep 22nd 1983
Starsign : Libra
Next birthday in 6 months
Born : Pala, Kottayam, Kerala
Current Place : Edapally, Ernakulam, Kerala
Last updated : Apr 14th 2022

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About Rimi Tomy

Rimi Tomy is a singer, television host, anchor and actress.

Rimi started her TV career in 1997 by anchoring music programs on television. She has been part of over 35 shows so far as Anchor, Host, Judge etc.

She started her career as a singer with the troupe, Angel Voice. In 2002, she debuted as a playback singer with the song "Chingamaasam Vannu Chernnal " in the film Meesa Madhavan.

In 2013 Rimi made her debut as an actress in the Aashiq Abu film 5 Sundarikal. Since then she has appeared in about 4 films.

She also has a youtube channel with over 600K followers.

Family life

She was born to Tomy Joseph and Rani Tomy in Pala, Kottayam.

She married Royce Kizhakoodan on 27 April 2008. In 2019, the couple filed for a mutual divorce.

Fun fact

Before her acting debut in 2013, she has appeared few films as herself (singer).

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