Jio Joseph

Social Media Influencer (Youtuber - M4 Tech)
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Age : 29
Born : Thrissur, Kerala
Current Place : Thrissur, Kerala
Last updated : Jun 22nd 2023

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About Jio Joseph

Jio Joseph is a well-known YouTuber and social media personality.

Together with his friend Praveen Joseph, they launched the m4tech YouTube channel in April 2017. Jio is the main face of the channel, while Praveen mostly works in the background.

The channel now boasts over 1 crore subscribers and includes more than 400 videos. They have also created four additional channels, amassing a total of 12 million subscribers.

Initially, their primary channel, m4tech, focused on magic tricks and lifestyle videos. However, they later shifted their content to feature tech experiments and DIY projects.

Prior to beginning his YouTube career, Jio Joseph had been working in Qatar.


He completed an electronics engineering technology diploma from Model Polytechnic College, Thrissur.

Awards and recognitions

Throughout the years, the M4 tech channel has garnered numerous Social Media Awards from a variety of television channels.

Family life

Jio Joseph’s father is Joy Joseph and his mother is Listy. He is married to Elizabeth.

Fun fact

In his youth, he would secretly take on miscellaneous tasks to make money, unbeknownst to his parents.

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