Praveen Joseph

Social Media Influencer (Youtuber - M4Tech)
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Age : 28
Birthday : Dec 28th 1995
Starsign : Capricorn
Next birthday in 7 months
Born : Thrissur, Kerala
Current Place : Thrissur, Kerala
Last updated : Jun 22nd 2023

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About Praveen Joseph

Praveen Joseph is a prominent figure in the YouTube and social media landscape.

He co-founded the m4tech YouTube channel alongside his friend Jio Joseph in April 2017. While Jio serves as the main on-screen presence, Praveen mostly focuses on the channel's camera work, background planning and operations.

Their channel has achieved significant success, accumulating over 1 crore subscribers and featuring more than 400 videos. In addition to m4tech, they have established four other channels, collectively amassing a subscriber base of 12 million.

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