Sai Krishna (Secret Agent)

Social Media Influencer (Youtuber)
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Age : 31
Born : Malappuram, Kerala
Current Place : Malappuram, Kerala
Last updated : Jun 21st 2023

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About Sai Krishna

Sai Krishna, also known as Secret Agent or Ariannan, is a popular YouTuber with a subscriber count exceeding 500,000.

He is known for maintaining a neutral, non-partisan, and secular approach in his content, and claims not to align with any specific religion or political party. Despite this, he has aspirations to become involved in politics in the future as a indepenent candidate.

His journey as a YouTuber began after his Instagram account was shut down by a political party due to his views about them, which led him to start his YouTube channel.

His channel primarily focuses on producing videos that offer insightful commentary on current events and movie reviews. His wife Sneha and friend Jithu also occasionally appear in his videos.

Family life

Sai Krishna and Sneha Nair tied the knot in August 2021. The couple has known each other since their school days and have a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Fun fact

Sai Krishna is an avid dog enthusiast and has a household of approximately 12 beloved canine companions.

Prior to pursuing a career as a YouTuber, he was actively engaged in a career as a cricketer.

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