Sujith Bhakthan T.R.

Social Media Influencer (YouTuber)
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Age : 35
Birthday : Mar 18th 1989
Starsign : Pisces
Next birthday in 10 months
Born : Pathanamthitta, Kerala
Current Place : Pathanamthitta, Kerala
Last updated : Jun 22nd 2023

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About Sujith Bhakthan T.R.

Sujith Bhakthan is a renowned travel vlogger, blogger and content creator who shares his passions through his YouTube channel, 'Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan.'

With a background in computer science and a professional career in the tech industry, Sujith combines his love for travel and food to create engaging content.

He started posting videos since 2016, covering a wide range of topics, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, apps, gadgets, and more. His videos not only provide valuable travel tips and budget hacks but also serve as a comprehensive guide for those looking for culinary delights.

Currently he has over 2 Million (20 Lakh) YouTube subscribers.


Sujith Bhakthan has completed his elementary and secondary education at St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum.

In pursuit of further education, he relocated to Bengaluru, Karnataka, where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

Family life

Sujith Bhakthan is married to Swetha Bhakthan, and they have a son named Rishi S Bhakthan.

Abhijith Bhakthan is his brother.


He was caught up in a conflict with the brand MG, which has garnered a lot of media attention. Sujith's review of the MG’s Gloster Vehicle was strongly critical of its gearbox.

However, MG accused the YouTuber of recording the review vlog in inadequate lighting. The brand requested Bhakthan to delete the review vlog, but he adamantly refused to move an inch from his position.

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Over 2 Million (20 Lakh) YouTube Subscribers
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Born in March
Born in 1989
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♓ Pisces
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