Ubaid Ibrahim (Ubaid Ibraheem)

Social Media Influencer (Youtuber)
image of Ubaid Ibrahim
Age : 34
Birthday : Nov 27th 1989
Starsign : Sagittarius
Next birthday in 8 months
Born : Malappuram, Kerala
Current Place : Malappuram, Kerala
Last updated : Sep 22nd 2023

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Youtube (2nd Channel)

About Ubaid Ibrahim

Ubaid Ibrahim is a Malayali YouTuber with over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and about 150,000 Instagram followers.

He is well known for his trolls, some people refer to him as 'King of Trolls.'

He started In 2016 sharing image trolls on a Facebook page called 'Troll Republic.', later he moved to YouTube in 2018.

Besides his YouTube channel, he works as a professional editor mostly editing wedding videos.


His schooling was done in National Higher Secondary School, Kolathur, Malappur.

Later he graduated from the Calicut University.

Awards and recognitions

He have earned the YouTube silver and gold play button.

Family life

He is married and have a son.

Fun fact

Ubaid takes minimum 6 hours to complete a troll video.

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Over 1 Million (10 Lakh) YouTube Subscribers
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Born in 1989
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♐ Sagittarius
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